Our Diplomas



Our Diplomas


Many ways to get good free herbal books just look.

The School provides almost everything, audios, videos and more. Student must obtain text books for all levels. Look for them, used, a library, or buy them. I have seen many of these books very cheap on a used book site called Thrift Books,the link is,https://www.thriftbooks.com

Also check this site out, it has many, many, books and it’s not a P2P site , its full of books on many subjects and some great free herb books link is,


Other links to free herb books and many other subjects are at,



From Pastor Dan M.H.- It is highly suggest that anyone applying for the school starts with diploma one-This school is different from all others I have seen, diploma one is rich , full, and you will be mentored as much as you want, all have decided, even some advanced students, to do this course of study. The level 1, 2 and 3 work together, so if you do not do diploma one you will miss out on the systematic way I have set up for the school.


Level 1-Diploma Courses-Total Hours 300

Herbal Terminology and Making Herbal Medicine-Text book The Herbal Medicine Makers Guide by James Green

Herb monographs-Introduction

Botany Introduction

Growing herbs and wild harvesting-Text book, The Medicinal Herb Grower Volume 1 by Richard A Cech

911 Herbs

Herbs For Mental Health

Treating Specific illnesses

Basic Diagnosis techniques

Materia Medica- Introduction


Level Two Diploma-Community Herbalist-Total Hours 500

Medical Herbalism 101-Text book, Medical Herbalism by David Hoffmann

Herbs in The Bible Advanced-Text book,

Dukes Herbs of Bible-This is not a cheap book, look around, find it used, or look on line for a PDF

Intro to Anatomy

Intro to Physiology

Materia Medica 101

Materia Medica 102

Terminology Herbal- Advanced

Terminology Medical-Advanced-Text book- Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, or a Medical Dictionary of your choice. For the price on thrift books I feel Stedman’s is the best text book on the subject by far.

Botany 101

Law and Ethics

Clinical Lab

Basic Bio-Chemistry

Basic Pharmacy

Lab 102

Final Exam and Paper


Level Three Diploma-Master Herbalist-Total Hours 600-1400 hours total

911 Herbs Advanced

Botany 102

Herbal Formulary 102

Materia Medica 102

Materia Medica 103

The Physical Examination (tongue, eyes, pulse method)

Anatomy and Physiology Advanced-Text books AP by Dabaldo Herbal School free, plus Cliffs Notes- Anatomy and Physiology

Pytochemistry 102

Clinic Lab

Intake Advanced

Pharmacy advanced

Clinic Lab Advanced

Research Paper

Final Examination

Certificate as a Christian Herbalist-120 credit hours.

1. Advanced herbal Methods medicine and advanced herb terminology-Text book, The Herbal Medicine Makers Handbook-30 credit hours

2. Herbal monographs-Advanced

3. Herbs in the bible 101-30 credit hours

4. Herbs in the Bible 102-30 credit hours


Do not look at this and think, only four courses, this certificate study is packed with detailed information, how to make herbal medicine, terminology, the same course as course one in diploma one, the second course on herbal monographs, the same course from diploma one.

This study teaches in great detail about herbs, herbs of the bible, a journey where you will learn the A to Z on the herbs you will be researching, learning to use, make medicine, and help others. See how you like this certificate, and do diploma one after, credit given for two courses to start. This certificate can make you the person with advice, input and help at any big store supplement isle, I have taught at such places with great results, you always give them your card.

Each encounter, you will know more as you verbalize what you have learned, a great truth in learning, pass it on, retain more, learn more, as you become the humble teacher. be better at what you do, and have a solid foundation in becoming the local herbalist.

Administration fee is 30.00, soft copy documents are free, a hard copy is 30.00, if outside the USA the documents are 60.00

The prospective student may use course one and course four towards the Diploma one Home Herbalist. This is only 4 courses, but very full, student is given many, many, free books to build their herbal library.

The certificate looks the same as a diploma it will just say Certificate , not diploma.