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What Does The Word Guild Mean? Guild

Definition of the word Guild-Note: ours is number one on list-not medieval. This can be called an association, but I chose the word guild, as it means mutual protection and mutual aid, this is in the form of knowledge- shared by all, this guild as well, so email your question- I look to your email, or free herbal intake, best your application.



an organization of persons with related interests, goals, etc., especially one formed for mutual aid or protection.


any of various medieval associations, as of merchants or artisans, organized to maintain standards and to protect the interests of its members, and that sometimes constituted a local governing body.


Botany. a group of plants, as parasites, having a similar habit of growth and nutrition.

I know most did not know one word guild is used is Botany, how Ironic, don’t you think?

 In order to be a professional member you must be a Master Herbalist


NOTE: My Goal in 2017 is to see 100 in this guild I think we will make it.

1. Danny L. Abaldo M.H., D. Min, Professional Member and founder- Yermo Ca St USA School HQ
2. Ronny Freeman TX USA- Associate Member
3. Elizabeth Evans,PA St- Associate Member
4.Sue Miller,MI St. USA-Associate Member
5. Terry Lawrence, USA-Associate Member
6. John Birley, S. Korea-Associate Member
7. Colene Goburn, Ca St USA -Associate Member
8. Margaret Abaldo, Ca St USA -Associate Member
9. Debra Lesar, N.V. St USA-Associate Member
10. Patrick Eze, Nigeria Africa-Associate Member
11. Robert Bannister, AR St USA-Associate Member
12. Henry Dolly. FL St USA-Associate Member
13. Ray Vingna. PA ST USA-Associate Member
14. Makua Royal U. Okafor. Nigeria Africa-Associate Member
16. Anthony Gregory Glasgow- West Indies-Associate Member
17. Franco Camillo-Canada-Associate Member
18. Nicholas L. Abaldo-CA St USA-Associate Member
19. Samuel Odafi-Nigeria Africa-Associate Member
20. Zeria Hagos Africa-Associate Member
21.Darvin D Moore-WI St USA-Associate Member
22. Darvin N Moore-WI ST USA-Associate Member
23.Shaunte Haynes-WI SR USA-Associate Member
24. Marquilla Cooper-LA ST, USA-Associate Member
25. Paul Matthews -Dublin, Ireland-Associate Member. Consultant-Board Member
26.Travis Warner- MI ST USA-Associate Member. Consultant-Board Member
27. Charles Novak-IL St USA Associate Member
28. Charles Smith -AR ST USA-Associate Member
29. Maurizio Oz-Italy-Associate Member
30. Michale Chavez-AZ USA-Associate Member
31. Steve Nadwa-Kenya Africa-Associate Member
32. Glen Earls-IN St USA-Associate Member
33. Janet Royal-Englad U.K. -Associate Member
34.Jesus Alicen-Porto Rico USA-Associate Member
35. Tracy Nixion -WA St USA-Associate Member
36. Joseph Ankra-Ghana Africa-Associate Member
37.PHD,RN,MBA,D.HEdu,CHS,CNC.Consultant-Board Member. Robert Alan Scholler-MN USA -Professional Member- M.H. N.D.
38-Tanya Hailstorks Georgia USA -Associate Member
39. Dr. Zerai Hagos Gebrehiwot Hawassa, Tabor Sub city, Hitata Kebele- Professional Member
40. Ray Adams-PS ST.-Associate Member
41. Johnathan Crider-SC ST-Associate Member
42. Shanon Brakefield-OH ST-Associate Member
43. Sandy Barnett-MS USA-Associate Member
44. Suzette Griffith-Barbados-Associate Member
45. Thomas Gilchrist-PA ST-Associate Member
46. Simbarashe Kandagonah Mozambique-Associate Member
47. David Reynolds-TN St-Associate Member
48.John Davis- MI St USA-Associate Member
49. Joseph Tunde Omojuwa Andrs-Nigeria- Associate Member
50, Bridget Secker-AL. Canada-Associate Member
51.Cheryl Ponath AZ St-Associate Member
52. Yancy Glass-Tx USA-Associate Member
53. Alvin O’neal CA St USA-Associate Member
54. Ann Brozovic Ca St USA-Associate Member
55. Adrienne Hargrove Il St. USA-Associate Member
56. Tricia Postma- USA-Associate Member
57. Michael Witherspoon-USA-AZ ST Associate Member.
58. Marco Chilese-Switzerland-Associate Member
59. Charles Vernon-TX ST. USA-Associate Member
60. Christiana Egwunye-Ca St. USA-Associate Member
61. Nancy Major Ca St. USA-Associate Member
62. Cheryl Lim- Australia-Associate Member
63. Laurie Boyd-Wa St USA-Associate Member
64. John Cook Fl St-Associate Member
65. Debby Percky TN St USA Associate Member
66. Daniel Seiffert- Ca St USA-Associate Member
67. Mikki Seiffert- Ca ST USA Associate Member
68. Paul Taylor- Ca St Usa-Associate Member
69. Amy Taylor- Ca St USA- Associate Member
70. Jamie Brown- CA St-Associate Member
77. Matthew Brown- CA St USA-Associate Member
78. Angie Lindsey- CA St-Associate Member
79.Roy Hammer- Ca St-Associate Member
80. Debra Lockridge- Ca St-Associate Member
81. Linda Duray-MN St USA-Associate Member
82. Peter Nyakulo- Zambia Africa-Associate Member
83. Jeremy Paterson – Auckland N Z-Associate Member
84. Clifton Gintz Omaha NE. USA Associate Member
85.Amber Haynes AZ St Associate Member
86. Joshua Leslie Wa St Associate Member
87. Phillip Trout TX ST USA Associate Member
88. Dave Clark PA ST USA Associate Member
89. Trisha Novak ILL St USA Associate Member
90.Arturas Sedys Il St USA Associate Member
91. Stephen Storesina ll -Oh St USA Associate Member
92.MaKesha Briggs TN St USA-Associate Member
93 George Vanderploeg Ny St USA-Associate Member
94. shaun stoute- AL london Associate Member
95.Sandra Aberle WY St USA Associate Member
96.Dr Faith Lu M.D. Taiwan-Associate Member
97. Jason Jones Canada-Associate Member
98.Sarah Zuno IL St USA
99. Kimberly Pierre FL St Associate Member
100. Michelle Katt MI USA-Associate member
101. Tom Trauberman AZ St-Associate Member