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The Podcast Is Posted In Reverse

Episode 7-You are What You Eat-The Shocking Truth

Episode 6-Anxiety and Panic Attacks-How to deal with them and overcome them. My specialty is in the field of using hers and more to help with any mental health issue.

NOTE: We have limited memory, so the podcasts, the rest of them, will be on my herb blog visit.




Episode 3-Poultices-This way of using herbs is the most under rated, and least used among most herbalist, why? Learn how to make them, and why they should be used. This is a short podcast.

Episode 2  Antiviral and Antibiotics herbs. The coming global pandemic. This is not for the faint of heart- the facts are stranger than fiction

 Episode 1-Nervines. Herbs, Supplements, exercise, light therapy, and helping others