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From Master Herbalist, Pastor Dan Abaldo Jan 4 2018

I want to say I took a poll, 90% of those I sent the poll to all said my cost is to low, and this is why most do not believe the school is any good or it sounds too good to be true, well… it’s not. I have spent years as an educator, I know what I am doing and I have made the school second to none.

The low price, look on the internet about me, look into me. I have always offered everything 100% free, books, music, a free accredited Bible college that is its booming. I have hundreds of testimonies. It is how I have always done things. I have seen every school on the internet, what is taught, this school is as good if not better, low price because I feel I must pass on what I have learned. Visitor, you have looked, you have seen what herb schools cost, mentor programs, and gatherings and its a lot of money. I have always been doing what I do free and this low-cost school. I am not looking to get rich, nor a lot of students, this is a small school with a lot of mentoring and one on one, see testimony’s from a few, they speak for themselves. Make 2018 count for something, this is a true topnotch school, its real, and it’s always only administration fee per diploma level, with the few that have signed up, I use the 75.00 to buy herbs, I must. I am in the Mojave desert, and I use them in my 100% offline free herbal clinic in Yermo Ca St.

It is time to take the leap and sign up, you are missing a one of a kind school that is one of excellence. I strive for excellence in all I do. I am currently many peoples 100% free online herbalist.

I will never change the price, I wanted to do what no one else is doing an almost free top-notch herb school, the only one in the world. Keep looking, I know you will be back. 2018 is your year, do something and learn herbs like you always have wanted to, but could not afford it, well… now you can.

In our lord
Pastor Dan M.H.


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If you are a Christian, please join our free Guild. It is our stand against the 95% Pagan new age schools and guilds. You get unlimited access to me, Dan Abaldo, M.H. Ask questions, seek advice, insight. You get a free herbal intake and a free bi- monthly newsletter, packed with information, not advertisements.

Use the guild logo on business cards and online. Please make sure to always give the guild link so others can see there are people from around the world and it is growing. As an herbalist it is good to be a member of a guild and use the initials ACHG or the logo. Professional membership is for master herbalists and above. Membership includes Network marketing, URL share, quest writing, and lifetime Q and A.

I give many extra books so you will have all you need to be a herbalist after Diploma One. After completing Diploma One, you can be a practicing herbalist if you desire. A few restrictions apply in some places, but no degree or diploma is recognized by the USA education board as an herbalist nor are those required to practice as an herbalist.

Our Diploma One is set up so you can be a community or online herbalist. You will know enough to start a practice. I took a long time putting Diploma One together. It is much more than any other schools’ home herbalist certification (Herbalist level 1).

Please research what other herb schools charge, then look at their courses and compare with ours. Look, see, search. You will be back, if you want to save a fortune for a skill that could save you, your family, loved ones, and clients.

A Master Herbalist diploma can cost thousands. It doesn’t have to! It was my goal to make a super affordable Herb School. . I want to get books, multimedia, and more to you NOW. Download all on a USB stick and you will have all you need. I will teach you step by step.

There are also a few videos on YouTube worth a watch. Check those out and check me out as your mentor. Google my name (Danny Abaldo) to research who I am and what I do. Get to know me; you should before you have me as a mentor. The podcasts are a good way to hear my views and heart beat; also read my herb blog.

Learn to know the herbs around you, what to harvest and when, and grow what herbs you can. This will save you money. The plants near you will soon be your only pharmacy, so learn what the herbs do, what are they for, and what way to prepare them.

God willing, some will be moved to no longer put off herbal training since I’ve made it so inexpensive. Level One has only two books students must get.

I have a burden to help the budding herbalist: those who love and take herbs but want to learn and get a decent diploma. All are welcome.

I do not have student testimonials as of yet. See testimonies about me from the Bible College. Click on the link below:

I do have 5 herbal school testimony’s see that page on this site, for more about what others say about me see the Bible college link.


Some of the podcasts are on this site, others are on the Dabaldo Herbals blog.

If you are in the Mojave desert, I do a 100% free herbal clinic there. I have a mission to help others .On my main site I offer all free, no advertisement. 100% independent for 40 years.

Here is an offer you can not refuse, LOL. You can get a soft copy diploma and transcript for no cost. That’s correct, nothing. So that takes a soft copy degree price to zero. That is a great, great deal, so now what is stopping you?

Please watch the video below by Danny Abaldo, Founder of D’abaldo Herbal School and founder of the Herbal Guild.

Three Diploma Levels

There is no time limit on any of the diplomas, many are busy these days, so do the work as you can , when you can.

Level One is the Home Herbalist. Level Two is a Community Herbalist. Level Three is a Master Herbalist. I want to see many learn from a pro-medical herbalist.

A non -refundable $75.00 administration fee is due with the start of each Diploma level.


A student who signs up for Level One and earns the Diploma, next applies for Level Two with $75.00 non-refundable Administration fee. There are no hidden costs. The second cost, if you finish your diploma, is a $75.00 fee for a hard copy of the diploma and two transcripts. You can get a soft copy diploma and two transcripts sent to your email 100% FREE

By PayPal, send to email, dmabaldo@yahoo.com. If sending a Money Order, please send to: Danny Abaldo P.O. Box 532, Yermo, CA 92398.

No personal checks. If sending a money order it must be a USPS M.O. Information is the same. The school phone number is 760-254-3273. All payments are to be made out to Danny Abaldo. Do not make out the USPS M.O. with the schools name, but in the name of Danny Abaldo.








The School Application can be downloaded below:






 Complete the online application form and click the Submit button.


Application for herbal School

To apply for the Master herbalist course you must have proven past study or a minimum of 5 plus years as an herbalist

This is a Christian Based herbal school, some text books have non-Christian, new age stuff we ask you weed that out.

There are hands on labs, tests, papers, clinical intakes, and more. Each level has more depth.


I have set up a new Guild, most charge for this, look and see, this is free.

herb guild

My herbal teaching blog is at,





















If you desire, you can become a member of the Herbal Guild for free. You will be sent a newsletter with current information and ongoing training, links, books, and websites. This is sent out every 3 months.

We challenge any one to offer what this valid school does. Make the choice and apply today. You can pay a lot of money for herbal schools that we are equal to, or better. This is a true top-notch herbal school. We give you many books, videos, labs, and more to truly prepare you,and it is 100% Christian.

We hope to hear from you today.

Evangelist-Pastor Danny Abaldo M.H., Teacher, Writer, Educator. Current free herbal clinic 100% FREE in the Mojave desert under the name The Mojave Desert Herbalist.

100% free herbal intake, by email, Skype, or phone. This service is available to anyone.


A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.
Proverbs 17:22 (KJV)

Gen 1:11 And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

Gen 1:12 And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.


Isa 38:21 For Isaiah had said, Let them take a lump of figs, and lay it for a plaster upon the boil, and he shall recover.